2 Foundation Blocks of a Great Sales Call

A lot of prep work goes into making an effective sales call. A good insurance sales call requires a prepped script or guideline and some research on your prospect. You need to do what is takes to maximize your ability to turn that lead into a sale. Here are the two keys that are the most important to master.

Know the Purpose of Your Call

Before you make that call, you need to know why you are calling. Create a goal and keep it short and to the point. Use your best customer service skills by identifying ahead of time what information this client needs and formatting that into your script in a confident, informative, and pleasant manner. Having the right information and attitude is the best way to get your foot in the door.

Complete Your Homework

Planning a script is just the start. You also need to do research on the person you are calling. When dealing with a large company, it can take 2-3 calls before you get to the right individual you need to talk with. Utilizing tools like LinkedIn can help you find the right person you need to reach, and gives you an opportunity to learn a little bit about them.
Once you have identified the decision maker you need to talk to, you need to be confident and assertive when on the phone to make sure you can get past the gatekeeper and through to your prospect. At this stage, it is important to be honest and friendly. Identify who you are and your reason for calling the specific individual.

Once you get your prospect on the phone, there is still more homework to do and answers to get while on the call. Find out what their schedule is like, how busy they are, and reassure them that you won’t take up too much of their time. You can use this information to emphasize how you value their time while demonstrating the value of your product.

You may be thinking that these tips seem basic or self-explanatory, especially if you’re used to making daily sales calls. However, the importance lies in how these tips are implemented. They are the foundations of your call. If you go into the call unprepared or with only 5 minutes of prep work, you may find yourself blindsided by particular questions. Building a strong foundation is an important start to making an effective sales call.

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