2018 Predictions, Trends, and the Landscape of the Future of Social Media

With 2018 just around the corner, you may be at a point where you are trying to pin down a social media strategy to work with your insurance agency into the New Year.  A lot of changes happened in social media during the past year and a lot will happen over the next few years. Here is a look at what’s coming on the horizon to help you plan ahead. 

In the last year, Instagram Stories launched as a competing service to Snapchat, and it has taken off with 300 million active daily users. The brand has been slowly trying to figure out how to get engagement on the platform and to have measurable results. In 2018, we’ll see growth in the creativity used on this platform.

Unfortunately, the most prominent concern with many users, especially those with smaller audiences, is the decline of organic reach on social networks. It looks like pay-to-play will continue to be the most significant way to thrive on most social channels.

Influencer marketing is expected to grow; you’ll find brands succeeding on social channels by outsourcing their content creation to these influencers and prominent content creators.

Bots and AI will slowly become more of a norm in 2018. More agencies will start using bots to engage and offer support on messenger platforms. AI will advance, and we will have more useful tools for measuring the results of our efforts. Also targeting in niche markets will improve.

With a lot of voice-based devices hitting the market, there will be more of a push to take advantage of long tail SEO (targeting specific niche keywords), and those who aren’t could start seeing a drop in their organic traffic.

The future landscape of social media will no doubt include many changes. Be sure to stay informed about new opportunities that could change the approach you want to take with your insurance agency’s social media strategy.

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