3 Bad Habits that Cause Agents to Lose Clients

Everyone needs insurance at some point in their life. Once you have built a good-sized book of business, the next step is to keep those clients. Here are a few bad habits insurance agents make that could end up costing them long-term clients.

Not Standing Out

All insurance isn’t the same; however, it can appear that way to an uneducated buyer. A prospect initially approaches you for a specific reason. Your agency stood out in a way that made the buyer choose to go with you. Over time, it is important to remind your client of the reasons they chose you. Educating your clients starts when they are a prospect and should continue overtime as the relationship grows. Make sure you are still standing out. In the future, your client may be offered a lower rate elsewhere; however an educated client who understands the value of their relationship with you is less likely to switch to another insurance agent or provider just because of a cheaper rate.

Not Keeping Up With Clients

A huge mistake made by many busy insurance agents is not staying in touch with clients. Lack of contact can be a leading cause of lost business when renewal time comes. What do you know about your clients? Lives change a lot over a year, which means they may have new needs in their lives. Impress your clients by checking in on them a few times a year and letting them know that you care about them. The difference pays off in the long run.

Not Staying Organized

An insurance agent who isn’t organized can end up running into a maze of problems. Staying organized allows you to stay on top of your schedule and your clients’ needs. Disorganization can end up wasting a lot of your time. No one wants to spend an entire week sending out follow-ups to their entire email list and planning out social media posts for the month. However, that could end up being you if you don’t organize your tasks and stick with the plan. To help stay on track, get into the habit of planning social posts ahead of time in bulk and automating emails to check in with your clients for you.

If you want a client to stick around, you have to put in the work to maintain the relationship and build a loyalty over time. Staying organized and in contact with your clients can reap many positive benefits. Plus continue to stand out to your clients with educational services just as you did when they were new prospects.

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