3 Customer Service Tips for Insurance Agencies

In recent years, especially in insurance, more and more companies are trying to add value through pricing, and not improving service. However, many customers will still pay a premium for exceptional customer service, so it makes sense to provide a superior service. Here are three tips to do just that:

Create a Customer Policy

When a customer contacts a company about an issue, they want to receive straight answers, without having to get transferred between several different representatives. In many cases, the first person that answers the phone should be the most diverse person in the company. This person and every other member of the company should know who to direct calls to.

Train Representatives Appropriately

Good training can go a long way toward preventing poor customer service. Train your employees to answer the phone immediately. If your company cares about customer retention, put time limits on the amount of time a customer waits for a representative when the phones are otherwise idle. Don’t penalize representatives for staying on the phone to resolve a customer dispute. Customer wait times can be expected in high volume markets, but representatives should know how to solve issues and respond in an appropriate way.

Talk About Your Service

Have a section on your website to let customers know how well you respond to complaints. Realize that complaints happen in any business, but your company’s ability to to respond to complaints is continually being improved. Indicate your remarkable response time, and provide information about the number of satisfied customers you have. Make an effort to cut through any negative noise by talking about positive customer experiences on your social media pages, forums and online portals.

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  1. Alexandria Martinez

    It was interesting to read some of these points based off of good customer service. I love that it was emphasized to train representatives. These are also good points to look for in an insurance agency and will let my fiance know since he is looking for one.


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