3 Effective Ways to Follow Up with Prospects

3 Effective Ways to Follow Up with Prospects

Are you a marketing fireball when it comes to prospecting but find that your good leads are turning cold? If this sounds familiar, it may be due to your lack of follow up. The fact is, insurance selling is about building relationships. However, doing this requires more than making one, two, or even three contacts with a prospect.

Don’t have the time? Harbor a deep-seated fear of rejection? Whatever the reason, if you want to become a priority for a prospect and grow your agency, you must follow up. Here are three effective ways to follow up with prospects.

  1. Hit the send button more than once.

    Email is a quick, easy, and effective medium for reaching prospects because it gives you the freedom to follow up indefinitely without being intrusive. Plus, it gives prospects control over how and when they chose to respond back to you at a time and manner that’s convenient for them. When you receive a response to an email, hit “reply” to follow up. The string of emails can help to refresh a prospect’s memory of your previous conversations.


  1. Give them something of value

    . Send a prospect a follow up that includes information they might find valuable such as an article, guide, or brochure. Include a cover note that lets them know you thought it might interest them. This follow up approach is a great way to get a conversation started with a prospect and to determine whether he/she is truly interested in working with you. Remember, you can send information via email (a PDF or link), snail mail, or – better yet – both!


  1. Be quick.

    If you receive a response, be sure to follow up as quickly as possible – ideally within 24 hours. Following up quickly will help build a rapport and demonstrate your interest in truly helping a prospect with their insurance needs. A quick response also may prevent a prospect from going to your competition, so don’t delay!

Following up with potential customers is crucial to your success as an insurance agent. If possible, establish a best practices guide for getting back in touch with prospects after a marketing campaign or networking event.


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