3 Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Insurance_MarketingEmail is still a great tool for insurance marketing, but it does need to be used correctly. Email tactics today are vastly different than they were ten years ago. A lot of once-commonplace ideas are now poison for email.

So, we’ve got three things that you’d be mistaken to keep using in an email campaign today.

1. Non-Targeted Emails
Every promotional email you send out should have a target audience in mind that’s fairly specific. Email rookies tend to assume that they can send out mass emails like they do with direct mail, but such tactics fall short in email insurance marketing. People are receiving too many emails a day to bother with ones that they don’t believe relate to them personally.

Utilize your database of contact information to custom-tailor your messages to specific audiences on your list. Generally speaking, 10 insurance marketing emails each sent to 100 leads will do more far more good than one email sent to 1,000 at once.

2. Lack of Context Consideration
Online marketing is no longer simplyonline. Now, it’s going wherever the customer is. A smart email marketer knows that to your recipient, context matters. A sales pitch received in the middle of dinner is likely to go unread, and an offer you cook up on Saturday morning may go unseen if your clients use weekends for family time.

Always consider when and where your client is likely to be when they receive the email. Find ways to make it appropriate to the time and place when possible, and schedule it to be sent out at a different time if you think it would end up being intrusive.

3. No CTA
Even on an email such as a newsletter, which is intended to be primarily content, get a Call to Action in there. Audience involvement is a necessity in any promotional message you send out. Give them something to click on that leads back to your website and its network of content. That’s where the conversions happen.

Insurance marketers who forget this risk missing out on a lot of leads and sales.


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