3 Great Selling Tips: From Contact to Closing

MiniCo - SalesOne way to be successful in the insurance business is to learn how to create a contact and turn it into a sale. There are many great tips on how to prospect a client and convert it.

We have gathered our top 3 favorite to share with you!

  1. Insurance is an intangible product. Because of this it requires some sort of literature describing the product and explaining how your potential client will benefit from it. It is also very important to have something that is visual they can take home with them so the client can refer back to it for information if needed.
  2. When you are prospecting for additional clients, start within your inner circle of current clients. There could be opportunities there you didn’t even know about. Do not be afraid to ask for referrals. Some people do not do this as often as they should. You can even take it as far as contacting old clients to see if they are in the market for new insurance. Perhaps, they added a new item to their collection or started a new business and could use additional insurance. You never know until you ask.
  3. On the sales end, remember that people will not purchase something they do not understand. If a client does not understand the value of the product, they will not purchase it. Constantly educate your clients.

What is a selling tip that works for you? Feel free to leave your comments below.



Lhea Inzalaco

MiniCo Insurance Agency

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