3 Reasons Insurance Agents should invest in Social Media

Insurance_Agent_MarketingIn just a few short years, social media has taken over the online marketing world. The insurance industry has been a little slow to move into it, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t be making social media part of your insurance agent marketing strategies! It just means you’ll be one of the few taking advantage of these tools, unlike all your competition.

Recent studies have shown that social media produces more leads than most offline marketing efforts, including direct mail and trade show, as well as having higher conversion rates.

If you still need convincing, we’ve got three more great reasons to make this the year your insurance business goes social!

Three Great Reasons To Invest In Social Media This Year

1. Improved Outreach

The first, and primary, focus for social media in your insurance agent marketing is outreach. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other social media services are THE best way to get yourself noticed by people around the world. By building a network of friends and fans online, you’ll be creating your own private marketing army who will spread word about you.

Whenever you post news or information that your fans find interesting, they’ll share it with people. In the insurance business, try to have plenty of useful advice. Try using your news feeds to keep your fans up to date with changes in the industry, or new laws coming down the line that may affect your industry.

Stand out, and give people reasons to recognize YOU as an insurance expert!

2. Networking Opportunities

Social networks, especially LinkedIn, are excellent for building links with other businesses and potential clients. Participating in discussions is one of the best ways of getting your name out there and being recognized as an expert in insurance. available domains . It can also be useful for identifying potential new hires, if you’re looking to expand your operations.

The important thing to remember is to minimize self-promotion. When you’re participating in discussions in social media, but especially on Linked-In, the self-promotion aspect is simply understood. Openly pushing yourself will tend to alienate people.

Just play it straight and try to contribute as best you can!

3. Boost Your SEO

When talking about Search Engine Optimization, it’s important to note that no one outside of Google and Bing really understands what factors have the most influence over your placement in search rankings. Their processes are proprietary, and everyone else in the marketing world has to rely on guesswork and analysis.

That said, it turns out there is a huge correlation between social media and SEO. Facebook and Google Plus shares appear to be at least as important as backlinks in building your insurance agent marketing campaigns. This is likely due to how social services encourage the sharing of links and information, but either way, there’s little doubt that social media can lead to SEO success as well.

If you have any other questions about how social media can help you succeed in insurance, just let us know how we can help!

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