3 Social Media Marketing Techniques You Should Avoid

Social Media Techniques Insurance Agents Should Avoid

You’ve probably heard over and over again how social media is a living, breathing, organic thing. Well it is. Social media giants are constantly changing algorithms to make the app experience better for the end user. Social media companies are doing their best to combat the millions of fake accounts and bots online. Since algorithms are always changing, that can make it difficult for insurance agents and marketers to find a flow that works. When something does work, it can easily become an outdated method with the next update.

Here are a few outdated techniques that you definitely shouldn’t be using today. That is, unless fake followers and fake engagement is what you’re looking for.

Follow and Unfollow

This technique is when you follow a bunch of accounts and then unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow you back a few days later. This is bad for a couple of reasons.

  • Encourages bots to follow you back
    • If you aren’t liking and commenting on the people that you follow, you’re not giving them any reason to follow you. If you don’t put effort into giving engagement to their account, then you won’t receive engagement back. The only people that will follow you back will most likely be others using the same method.
  • Inactive followers
    • In the end you may end up with a lot of followers; however, these followers aren’t going to benefit your account. Using the follow and unfollow method is a good way to get thousands of followers and no engagement on any of your posts. You don’t want that.

Poor Use of the Hashtag

When typing out hashtags, Instagram likes to show you a preview of similar hashtags. You may be tempted to autofill the hashtag with words that have the most posts. For example #love has over one billion posts! If you’re using a hashtag that is extremely broad, no one is going to see it because there are too many posts constantly flooding that hashtag.

Be Specific

Using more specific hashtags that relate to your product and your audience will help you in the long run. Experiment with branded hashtags that are unique to your insurance agency. When in doubt, try adding “insta” into your hashtag. That is a popular trend right now. Using the above example of #love, you can make it narrower by using #InstaLove.

If you find yourself falling into any of these bad habits, try these suggestions and to improve your engagement. It’s easy to get frustrated when your numbers aren’t growing as quickly as you would like. Remember that it takes time to build a following. A smaller audience is better than an irrelevant audience that doesn’t ever engage with your brand. “

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