3 Things to do if Summer Sales are Slow

They call them the “dog days” for a reason…Insurance Sales

Summer can be a tricky time in the insurance business, as well as in most businesses. Insurance sales are often slow, due to several factors:

  • Budgets are already set.
  • Workers are leaving the office early to enjoy the weather.
  • Homeowners are more concerned about their power bills and other daily needs.
  • Everyone is on vacation as much as possible.
  • And often, it’s just too darn hot to think about major purchases.

None the less, you still need to be making those insurance sales! Hopefully, you’ve got plenty of leads and contacts lined up to keep you going but, if not, we’ve got a few tips to help you drum up more sales when you need them!

Three Things To Boost Your Summer Insurance Sales

I. Call in the morning, network in the evening.

During the summer, it’s usually easier to reach people on the phone in the morning. By noon, they’ll already be looking for excuses to leave the office or their home. So try to get all your calls in before lunchtime, to increase your chances of reaching people.

Later in the day, get onto social networks. Most of the social sites see greater use in the late afternoon and evening, so that’s the time to keep building those connections and looking to get your name in front of people.

II. Hook them with pre-sales.

If you’re running into problems getting people to commit in the summer, or if their budgets are already allocated, try instead pitching sales that would happen in Q4. Plenty of winter deals get set up in the summer, so start looking towards that.

However, don’t just schedule a nebulous call for sometime in the future – get some kind of commitment. Create a promotion or a special to give them a reason to take your call when the time comes to sign on the bottom line. Go ahead and send them paperwork with the details laid out and ready. The more work you do now, the less likely they are to back out later.

III. Keep those connections alive.

Touch base with your established customers and clients at least once during the summer to check up on them. Maintain your existing relationships, and you’ll find new opportunities to make sales to them. Look over your client list, think about what you know about their lives, and see if you have any insurance products that would fit their summer.

Even if you don’t drum up too much more business, just that bit of contact keeps you alive in their minds, and ensures they’ll be thinking about you when they need new insurance products.

Don’t let slow summer insurance sales get you down. The key is to work smarter. Think about your clients, what they’re doing, and when they’re doing it. Precisely target them, and you’ll beat the summertime blues!

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