3 Tips for Preventing Water Damage in Self-Storage

Protect Your Stored Valuables from Water Damage

Water damage is no joke. Flooding and water damage is not a concern only for people in coastal regions. No matter where you are, water can find its way into a self-storage unit. Here are three ways to help protect stored valuables from potential moisture and water damage.

  1. Insurance

Self-storage tenants are responsible for insuring the items in their self-storage unit. As an insurance agent, it’s a wise idea to make sure your clients are aware that storage facilities don’t insure their stored items and aren’t generally responsible for damage that may occur inside the storage unit. MiniCo offers insurance options for storage unit facilities and for storage unit tenants. Insurance can cover damage caused by water; however, insurance may not cover damage resulting from flooding. Be sure to check your policy.

  1. Elevation

One of the best ways to store most items is off of the floor. Stacking boxes on pallets or tables is a good place to start. Stacking too many boxes will put too much pressure on the bottom box. Try to keep boxes stacked no more than three or four boxes high. Shelving can add more support for your items as well as help keep your storage unit organized.

  1. Containers

Moisture can be a tricky threat to items in a storage unit. Moisture can be caused by humidity, weather events, and unexpected circumstances (such as leaky pipes). Some items are more susceptible to moisture damage than others. It’s a good idea to place these items in airtight plastic bags.

Always be sure to inspect a self-storage facility before signing a lease. Ask to see several units and walk around the facility. If there are signs of neglect in upkeep or maintenance, you may want to consider going somewhere else. A facility that doesn’t keep up with exterior maintenance and landscaping also may be falling behind on maintaining items such as roofing, plumbing, roll-up doors, and pavement. Any of these could increase the risk of potential damage to stored items as well as bodily injury. Better safe than sorry!


3 Replies to “3 Tips for Preventing Water Damage in Self-Storage”

  1. larrynweaver2017

    Thanks for the advice to use airtight plastic bags to help fight against moisture in a storage unit. I have a book collection that I need to put in storage while I make the transition of moving into a new home, but I am worried about these books because they will be in storage for a long time. Along with getting airtight containers, I’ll be on the lookout for a storage facility with great services that can protect my belongings.

  2. Vivian Black

    You made a great point about elevation and how it is important to preventing water damage. My husband and I are looking to rent a self-storage container for when we move into our new home. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional that we can rent from.

  3. Alice Carroll

    Thanks for the tip about getting an insurance to protect myself from water damage. I’m trying to tidy up my house and I have a lot of furniture I could get rid of but do not have the time to sell. I guess getting them in self storage would be the best way to get rid of them for now.


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