3 Tips To Help Motivate Sales Agents

Making insurance sales involves good people skills and, many times, a positive and motivated attitude. But when it comes to selling insurance, a lot of agents simply underperform; they feel unmotivated and uninspired, and this attitude shows through when they are talking to potential clients. It may be time to help your agents get more excited about their work. Below are three ways that you can help your employees get motivated and, ultimately, boost sales and grow your agency.

Update Your Office

Our surroundings can do a lot to lift our spirits. If your office is complete with gray colors, windowless cubicles, and outdated technology, then it’s time to make some major changes. Consider repainting the office with energetic colors, adding some flowers or artwork, and including some natural lighting. Look over all the electronics such as computers, programs, and office equipment. If these are malfunctioning or running slow, it’s time to make some new purchases.

Have Some Fun

Yes, work for an insurance company should be about making sales, but agents should be enjoying themselves too. Consider hosting some team outings several times a month. This can be as simple as a trip to a restaurant or having a party at a bowling alley with agents and their families.

Provide Positive Feedback

While it’s important to provide agents with ways that they can improve, it is just as vital to the employee that you give them some positive feedback. When you notice an agent doing well, go out of your way to show them that you appreciate their hard work. Doing this will not only motivate the particular agent to do well but also inspire their teammates to do better.

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