3 Ways Spring Cleaning Can Help Improve Your Bottom Line

3 Ways Spring Cleaning Can Help Improve Your Bottom Line

Spring has been in full swing since its first official day on March 20th. Springtime is a great reminder to check on the cleanliness of your office space and do some needed seasonal cleaning. Having a clean space can increase employee motivation and save your agency money, too.

Quick Ways to Liven Up the Office Space

  • Plants
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Communal all-purpose cleaner

Not everyone has the luxury of having a window near their work space, but having an indoor plant nearby can be a nice stress reliever. Having objects like a plant or succulent on your desk serves as a focus point for when work gets stressful. Plants help reduce the dust in the area as well as carbon dioxide levels. If you can’t keep a plant alive, consider a small artificial plant that is visually stimulating.

Spring also means allergies. Do you have employees coughing and sneezing? Providing hand sanitizer is a good way to keep employees feeling clean and fresh. Hand sanitizer also is good to keep around the office in multiple places to keep germs from spreading to surfaces that get touched often like communal printers and staplers.

You may not be able to get out every day for lunch, so you’ve probably eaten at your desk a few times. Consider contributing a bottle of all-purpose cleaner to the office so you and your employees can spritz your desk area every once in a while. You’d be surprised what you’ll find from a weekly wipe down. It’s easy to overlook dirt or dust build-up that can occur behind your computer monitor or even inside your keyboard.

Keeping up with these springtime sprucing up tips throughout the year may help your agency save money. By providing and encouraging a cleaner environment, your employees will be less likely to get sick and swap the seasonal office bug that goes around. These tips also may improve the office energy level. The impact of having plants and stimulating objects to look at nearby can add a refreshing element to the environment, which can enhance productivity and mood.


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