3 Ways Independent Insurance Agents Can Be More Successful with Technology

The insurance industry has seen tremendous change over the past couple of years. As technology continues to evolve, the role of the insurance agent changes along with it. Many insurance companies have resisted the new changes in technology. Over the long term, this may cause more harm than good for many agencies. In fact, there are many ways that independent agents can actually be more successful with technology. Here are several ways that tech can help insurance agents succeed:

Attracting Customers

One of the most important elements of success as an insurance agent is attracting customers. Over the long term, this is one of the biggest keys to success for anyone in this field. Technology allows insurance agents to connect to more people than ever before. Whether it’s through setting up a website or social media presence, technology is something that can be leveraged in order to help generate leads. Anyone who is in this business should make sure they are using technology to their advantage.

Staying Organized

Technology can help agents and managers stay organized. Not only does this tend to both reduce stress and increase focus, the added efficiency can help agents to generate more business. There are now many technologies available that can help, include web-based calendars, project management tools, file sharing, and online meeting tools.

Leveraging Data

One of the biggest changes in the insurance industry in recent years is the concept of big data. Many insurance companies use data to drive their decision making for customers at all levels. For example, there are some companies that know ahead of time whether customers will sign up for insurance coverage. By using available data, companies and agents can more strategically target clients and operate more effectively overall.

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