3 ways to Make your Independent Insurance Agency Stand Out!

Insurance_MarketingIn insurance marketing, finding a way to stand out from the competition is one of the most important outreach activities you can engage in. After all, most insurance offerings are parity products to customers – they want to feel protected, rather than a specific brand or offering.

This opens up some great opportunities for your independent insurance business. If you can put together some online marketing that clearly makes you look like a superior choice in insurance, you can get a huge jump on your competition with relatively little work.

Here are three ideas!

  1. Online Video Productions
    These days, online video is cheap and easy for virtually anyone to shoot. Chances are, your laptop – or just your cell phone – has a camera which is more than adequate to shoot a basic insurance marketing video. Consumers tend to believe video over other forms of presentation, and it gives you an immediate added feature on your website that many of your competitors won’t have. 
  2. Online Webinars
    Online webinars – which are available for free from a large number of sources – are a great way to connect with old and new clients alike! If you have a tricky area of practice, or just want to go into depth about one of the types of insurance you offer, it’s a way to give a presentation while also having time for interaction with your viewers. 

    A collection of leads and established clients can make a great audience, and will definitely encourage leads to convert to sales. 

  3. Responsive Website Design
    It may be time to invest in a website upgrade. New design strategies, called “Responsive Design” allow a website to give the same basic experience no matter what size device a visitor is using. It unites your main and mobile websites, as well as making for websites that are slick while still being focused primarily on usability. 

    A combination of flash and information is what will make your online insurance marketing stand out. Look for ways to dazzle ’emwhile informing them, and you’ll have a great online campaign.

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  1. Andrew

    Do you have any examples? I have a few websites but I’m looking for different examples of what others are doing to stand out. The market seems so saturated, especially in the insurance industry.


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