4 Tips to Grow your Insurance Business in 2014

Insurance_Business It’s that time of year again. As Q4 starts rolling on, it’s time to start thinking about new insurance strategies for 2014. So, here are our picks for the most important new ideas for small business marketing in the coming year!

1. Mobile access
While we aren’t yet at the point a mobile insurance app is required, having one would be a big help in drawing in new business. Consumers are increasingly expecting to be able to handle private business while on the road, via their mobile devices. Fulfilling that desire will instantly create a major selling point for your services.

If you can’t afford an app, at least update your website to be 100% mobile-accessible, so mobile browsers can access all your services.

2. Local search optimization
Along with the rise in mobile browsing comes a rise in mobile local searches. There may be no simpler or easier way to boost your small business marketing than ensuring your Google Places and other locally-based profiles are up to snuff.

Ask your clients for reviews, too! A few five-star reviews on Google will provide an instant boost to your search engine results ranking, gaining you more leads.

3. Closer sales, marketing, and research data integration
Businesses today really cannot afford to have their sales, marketing, and research divisions locked away from each other. Small business marketing needs to bring these groups together to collaborate and find new ways to attract consumers.

A business today needs to present a united front, with the same messages coming from every department, all aimed at bringing in new traffic. Better communication and collaboration between all your departments with direct consumer contact helps bring this about.

4. More focus on social media
Social media is still growing in importance, and while we’ve talked before about the importance of reaching out via social media, that need is only growing. Social media is quickly becoming a cornerstone of small business marketing, since it can connect you directly to your target markets.

Look especially for Google+ to gain importance, with Google continuing to push and improve the service.


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