Would a Four-Day Work Week Be Good for Your Agency?

When life requires change, change happens. This year we have seen many office jobs turn into full-time work-from-home positions. Many things are still undetermined for 2021. Some companies have no plans to return to the office anytime soon, and some are experimenting with four-day work weeks.

Goodbye, 9 to 5?

The average work week is 40 hours, typically Monday through Friday from early morning to early evening. Office life has followed this pattern for many decades; however, for some companies this is beginning to change. Taking Fridays off creates a three-day weekend and a four-day work week. Some people argue that this allows employees to be more productive and helps prevent burnout. Many times, two days off doesn’t feel like enough of a break. Businesses are beginning to implement the shorter work week as a way to entice new employees and shift the focus from hours spent in the office to measurable productivity.

Recent Events

Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic have spurred employers to make these changes. Social distancing means that many people now telecommute to work from the comfort of their own homes. Some companies, like Google, aren’t planning to have employees return to the office until summer 2021. Times are changing and so are routines. A four-day work week also helps with social distancing and encourages hybrid work weeks. This could be working a five-day work week but only being in the office two days a week and working from home for the other three.

Different types of companies are experimenting with the four-day work week such as Buffer, Uniglo, Shake Shack, and Microsoft. Four days a week doesn’t have to be Monday through Thursday. Employees could have rotating days off to ensure coverage throughout the week. For example, instead of everyone having Friday off, some take Monday or Wednesday. This would allow the office to remain staffed on all work days. Could you see a four-day work week being implemented at your office? How would it change your work flow? Let us know in the comments!

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