4 Key Points To A Winning Online Presence For Your Insurance Agency

There are more options than ever to market your insurance agency online. It’s easy to lose sight of the overall picture while trying to keep up with changes regarding social media, online advertising, and the latest web design trends. So it’s important to step back and see your marketing from a higher vantage point overall. To help keep your total efforts focused, consider these four points when building your online marketing program:

Think Local

As a local agency, you’ll likely gain the most by implementing an effective local presence. Since you have a firsthand understanding of your local area, you should seek to include that knowledge in your blog and social media. When you go to execute local search optimization, make sure that you’re focusing on your local business listings.

Prioritize Social Media

Even with social media platforms growing with more active users, there is still some hesitation from insurance agencies when it comes to utilizing this opportunity. But right now is possibly the best time to take advantage of social media because it has finally become truly mainstream. Plus, there are more ways than ever to track your results.

Don’t Be Afraid To Pay

Since the internet overall has become a major form of marketing and advertising, it is now a crowded place. It can take time to find your place online and to get traction in reaching your potential customers. Because of this, many businesses have found success by utilizing “paid media”, like promoted Facebook posts and Google advertising. Beyond the useful initial phases, many businesses keep going with paid promotion because they still experience a solid return on investment.

Don’t Forget Email

While email is a specific marketing channel, it actually has a large strategic significance, and yet email is being left out of many marketing plans. The real evolution in the usefulness of email has been automated marketing campaigns. Even if you are not familiar with these types of campaigns now, it can be important to keep growing your lists to take advantage of the coming opportunities email will provide.


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