4 Tips That Generate More Referrals

Insurance professionals generate a significant portion of their income through referrals. If you aren’t generating enough referrals, here are a few tips that can help you to get the new sales leads rolling in.

Always Ask For Referrals

It seems obvious, but it is worth mention: After every meeting with your clients, always ask for referrals. If you are talking to a client that has sent you a referral, thank them and remind them to do it again. Many times, when you pay attention to your customers, they will reward you with referrals.

Always Follow Up With Customers

To you, it is just a maintenance phone call you make to check in on a customer. To your customer, it is a sign that you believe in personal service for each and every one of your clients. You might make a dozen follow-up calls a day, but your customers only talk to one insurance agent who cared enough to check in on them. That level of personal service will lead to strong referrals.

Develop A Referral System

One of the most successful ways to get referrals from your current customers is to reward them for their loyalty. Whenever you see your customers, give them your business card and tell them that they will get a specific reward for every referral that turns into a customer. The reward could be movie tickets, a prepaid gift card or a similar incentive.

Have A Social Media Network In Place

There are an increasing number of people who enjoy going to social media and telling people about their positive experiences with businesses including their insurance agent. Make sure that you have social media pages set up where your customers can go to sing your praises. After a while, that positive information online can help to get your phone ringing.

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