4 Tips To Attract And Retain Young Agency Talent

Recruitment can be an uphill climb. The insurance industry is facing some major demographic issues due to two main problems. First, many younger candidates view insurance as unexciting, and they may be unaware of the industry’s money-making potential. Second, in order to climb the ladder in the industry, you may need to gain years of experience. Even still, there are simple steps to be taken to make your agency more attractive to younger and more retainable hires.

Consider Recruiting From Overlooked Sources

Most hiring is still coming from within the industry. Most agencies seek experienced sellers who can take off without needing any training. But the most successful agencies are looking for recruits in as many places as they can, such as a firm inside referral pipeline, social media, temp agencies, college career fairs, and local trade partners.

Grow Your Charitable Culture

Businesses engaged in community service regularly attain more than they give. Young workers are extremely attracted to socially responsible businesses. These charitable young workers want to make a difference in the world and have great respect toward businesses inclined to do the same.

Tune Up Your Technology

The Millennials, are by far the most savvy technology users in today’s workforce. The generation nipping at the heels of the Millennials is even more technologically sophisticated. If your insurance agency’s technology and digital marketing is lagging and not up-to-date, you are not likely to attract these fresh and ambitious new workers.

Provide A Clear Career Path

Professional development is crucial for young talent. Research proves that millennial hires want to be assured they can grow and progress in the workplace. They expect regular feedback on job performance and career path options from management. Thinking a job has no future is a major turn-off. Providing clear guidance and helping young talent develop skills and goals is essential to the future of your insurance agency and retaining promising producers.

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