4 Warning Signs to Lookout for When Selecting a Self-Storage Facility

Selecting a Self-Storage Facility: 4 Warning Signs

Self-storage facilities can be a great solution for safely storing personal property during a move or renovation, or as a way to make more usable space in your home or office. If you’re in the market to rent a storage unit, be on the lookout for these four warning signs when checking out self-storage facilities.

  • Tenants don’t have access to a property manager. When checking out facility, it’s critical to have contact information for reaching the property manager 24/7. If there’s a power outage, fire, or other issues that occur, tenants need to be able to contact a facility manager either on the property or by telephone.
  • The premises and units look unkempt. When looking at facilities, inspect everything including the grounds, office, locks, unit doors, and odors that may indicate mold or mildew. A facility with poor maintenance standards could indicate a lack of concern for the safety and security of tenants and their stored items.
  • There isn’t a scheduled pest control service. Items in storage are prone to damaging infestation by many types of pests including rodents and insects. While touring the facility, ask the manager about the facility’s pest-control practices.
  • Security features are minimal. Gates, fences, and locks are good, but they are only a baseline. To ensure the security of your stored items, select a facility equipped with gate access codes, surveillance cameras, indoor and outdoor lighting, individual door alarms, and other features.

Finally, it’s important to understand that the self-storage facility is not responsible for personal property contained in the unit. You need to provide insurance for your stored items either through a homeowner’s or renter’s policy or by purchasing the tenant insurance offered by the facility. If you are storing high-value art or collectibles, consider a stand-alone collectibles insurance policy, such as MiniCo Collectibles Insurance.

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  1. Taylor Anderson

    I like how you mentioned that you should make sure the the storage facility you choose has surveillance cameras and lots of lighting. My friend will be moving to Idaho for her last year of school, so she’s been looking for a storage unit. These tips will help her find a great one.


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