4 Ways to Improve Your Insurance Business Image

Insurance BusinessNot many of us like talking about it, but these days, insurance companies are not very well-liked among the public. The public’s attitude towards insurance companies has been sinking for years, alongside the public’s general distrust of large financial institutions in general.

With the right outreach, you can turn that around. Here are several techniques that will generate good PR which translates directly into expanded leads and sales.

Promoting A Positive Image For Your Insurance Business

1. Show You Are Effective

Nothing says “success” like success. Look through your data and find statistics from the last several years that indicate not just success, but continued upwards growth and achievement. Ones pertaining to customer satisfaction or retention are especially impressive.

If your insurance business has been involved in any of the recent floods or other national disasters that have plagued us in the last few years, take an opportunity to show people how hard your firm has been working on their behalf.

2. Member Involvement Brings Positive Change

Customers today want involvement and choices when it comes to business, and insurance should be no exception. Reach out to them and find out what they would like to see from you. Address legitimate complaints in an open and honest manner. If mistakes are made, admit to them, apologize, and make them right.

Keep your customers involved through face-to-face meetings as well as social media, so they know you will listen when they encounter trouble.

3. Explain What Others Can’t

Use the outreach power of your blog to explain complex issues in a clearheaded way people can understand. Much of the fear people have for insurance companies comes from how mysterious the actuarial ways are.

Explain these issues. Be a source of comfort, and more people will seek our your services.

4. Be Clever

From Flo the perpetually perky Progressive presenter, to Geico’s attention-deficit “run ALL the campaigns!” flooding approach, everyone in the insurance business apparently just wants to show people a good time. In theory, the same approach could certainly work for your firm too, as long as it is legitimately witty.

If no one in your office is up to the task, try spending an evening at a local comedy club and see if anyone there might be a good match for your corporate outlook. Local comedy talent is usually desperate for work of any sort.


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