5 Email Marketing Tips for B2B Insurance Newsletters

When it comes to commercial insurance marketing, no matter what the product, email campaign optimization is impossible to ignore. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to master. Based on several surveys, email marketing has been conclusively determined to produce the highest ROI of all different marketing avenues. With the increasing amount of consumers who use ad-blocking software, email marketing will continue to grow as one of the most essential components of any marketer’s repertoire.
Audience Assessment

Before anything else, it is essential to properly analyze your target audience. Instead of seeking to please everyone, you will be far more successful catering to a specific niche. Find out exactly what your niche wants, what they are lacking, what they dislike, and, most importantly, how to communicate that you offer the best service that they can turn to.

The optimal collection of all user data is the most effective way to segment your audience, which is something that many marketers commonly fail to do. Imagine that each person subscribed to your newsletter is a new friend that you’re looking to get to know as well as possible. Social media interactions, premium content downloads, hits to your landing page, and subscription forms can all be invaluable for getting as much personal data as you need to get the perfectly tailored audience perception.

Email Aesthetics

Make sure that the design of your newsletter is well-organized, complements your audience profile, is supported by an actionable step, and is aesthetically appealing. As always, it is best to keep things short and simple. Over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, so the responsiveness of your list is imperative to optimize. Clear headers, white spacing, short paragraphs, and bulleted lists can all be used to make each email easier to scan.

Great Timing

Timing is everything, and it affects the click-through-rate (CTR). For example, some studies have found that the best days for B2B are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You might also find that your CTR is at its highest at times outside of working hours, such as the weekends and evenings.

Analyze and Optimize

Every time that you get a positive or negative response to your campaign, take note of it and see it as a point of data from which to develop. You’ll want to start your campaign by investing a minimal amount of resources just for testing purposes. Once you’ve conducted enough testing trials, you can identify the tactics that created the most favorable response and then proportionally enhance them accordingly.

Innovate and Integrate

Ultimately, your email marketing strategies should be the culmination of all of the best techniques of your overall marketing strategy. As readers become familiar with your brand, being consistent with your usual marketing behavior in your email campaigns will be valuable for retaining the majority of your leads over time.

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