5 Great Apps for Small Business Owners

Admit it – you are never seen without your smartphone or tablet. And it only makes sense: As the paperless revolution continues in the workplace, colleagues, clients and vendors are increasingly far-flung.

Insurance business apps fill vital productivity gaps, and the best of them make your day a whole lot easier while they set you up for future success.

Take-it-anywhere apps

  • If you like Microsoft Office, you’ll want to carry Google’s Quickoffice Pro, an app that essentially recreates the Office experience – from documents to spreadsheets to presentations – right on your iPhone, iPad or Android or device. Create, edit and share content just as you would on the desktop.
  • Evernote’s slogan is “remember everything,” and with its mobile version you’re never at a loss. Organize text, photos or audio; save favorite web pages; create itineraries and schedules – then share it all with colleagues and friends.
  • Dropbox is a familiar name to anyone who snaps pictures or takes video with their phone or tablet. The cloud-based service syncs the images to all your devices, where they stay safely stored without sucking up your bandwidth. Dropbox makes sharing easy with a new Yahoo Mail interface that lets you access the images right from your inbox, eliminating the hassle and “crash”  risk of attaching large image files.

Primo productivity apps

  • Sales Calls on Fire. It’s not just an app – it’s a mobile motivator. Sales Calls on Fire monitors your personal selling activities, from phone calls to appointments, while it also delivers tons of tips and reminders to help keep you on track. Insurance agents can set annual goals and see where you stand in real time, and displays the value of your sales activity based on closed sales.
  • Need fast access to a printed email, contract or other document? PrintnShare sends the data on your devices to any wireless printer. It’s ideal for conducting business at hotels, remote client sites or trade shows  – as long as you are in a Wi-Fi-connected area with a printer nearby, you’re never without a hard copy.
  • Nobody likes creating expense reports, but if you must, why be stuck at your desk? Use Expensify – a flexible and secure travel-friendly app that lets you import receipts, upload reports, send notifications and get reimbursed through Direct Deposit or PayPal.

Go mobile

You invested time and money in your mobile devices – now get some return on that investment. Insurance business apps take your office on the road, and give you, a busy insurance agent, an extra edge when consulting with clients.

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