5 Great Topics to Blog about for Insurance Agents

As an insurance agent, marketing is a top priority for your agency. Blogging can be a great tool to market your business. Now you need to come up with ways to make yourself stand out from the rest! Have you thought about blogging? Would you know what to write about? We want to help you come up with some creative ideas to help you create content you can use for your site.

First, let’s think about what your readers would like to see, what would they want to know and how you can teach them while keep them interested. Below are a few great topics to start off with.

5 Sample Insurance Blogging Topics

  1. Why I love being an insurance agent – Write a blog about why you decided to become an agent and what are the best parts about what you do.
  2. My agency’s values – Your clients want to know about your agency’s values and see that you stand by them. If you don’t have a values statement, this is your opportunity to create one.
  3. What I am doing to make a difference in my community? – Create a blog about the steps you are taking to get involved in local charities or organizations to make a difference in your community.
  4. I am motivated by… – Write a blog that describes how you motivate yourself to create new business and keep your existing clients happy.
  5. The importance of self-storage renter’s insurance – Some of your clients may rent storage units that you don’t know about. This is a great opportunity to let them know the importance of purchasing coverage to insure their stored items.


3 Replies to “5 Great Topics to Blog about for Insurance Agents”

  1. Edward Terragni iii

    Thank you for sharing valuable tips for starting a insurance business blog and may be it will help me to get some traffic to my website. I would appreciate if you can share few more tips over it.

    • bshuttle

      Hi Edward, we’re glad you found some insight in the blog. We have one other about Crafting Insurance Blogs that may help you get more ideas going to bring traffic to your insurance blog. If you are already blogging a lot, take a look at your social media outreach to start bringing in more viewers.
      Thanks for your comment, let us know how the blogging goes!


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