5 Reasons Why Snail Mail Is the Way to Go

Repeating the way things are done: We’ve seen repeating cycles in history and fashion trends, so of course we are also going to see it in insurance marketing. Although we are usually encouraged to go with the newest and trendiest way of doing things, it’s always good to add traditional marketing methods to the mix. Today we are talking about snail mail/physical post office mailers. Here are 5 reasons why you should incorporate snail mail into your insurance marketing communications.

1. Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

You can make it personal. Although there are ways to make emails personal by addressing your client by their first name, doing it through the mail tends to feel more personal to the receiver. Avoid using language that sounds like it was copy and pasted from a previous effort or something completely generic in a “one-size-fits-all” way. Identifying the location of your clients allows you to take this marketing opportunity to the next level. Perhaps you can network with other local businesses and offer a few discounts or coupons. That’s one way to almost certainly ensure that your newsletter flyer isn’t perceived as junk mail.

2. Digital Overload

All of our email inboxes probably look similar, over-flowing with unread notifications and a nightmare to sort through. Having something physical in our hands is a nice break for our eyes and our senses. These days, it’s increasingly rare to receive a marketing piece that we can touch and feel. Use that to your advantage! Try using a cardstock for your mailer so that it really stands out from the junk-type mail your target audience usually receives. It pays to stand out

3. For Those Without Access to the Internet

Potential customers who don’t use the internet? You may be wondering if that is even a thing in 2021. Sometimes it seems harder to avoid the internet than to get it. However, some people live in areas where their internet connections are weak, slow, or spotty. Snail mail is also a great choice if your target audience is older; they may appreciate a physical flyer with large print.

4. What Does Physical Mail Say About Your Agency?

A physical marketing campaign shows that your agency is making extra effort to be heard. You’re doing all that you can to cover all areas of communication, and you know which types of technology works for your audience. This shows that your insurance agency has marketing savvy, and you understand how to extend your reach efficiently with a mix of strategies.

5. Have Important Information Stand Out

If your client wants a hard copy, they have to print out an email. That’s an extra step no one wants to do. You can use the mail as your way of sending a branded newsletter with information that is beneficial to the receiver in more ways than one. For example, as mentioned previously, you could include important information that is useful and worth saving. Perhaps it’s a coupon or information about local business hours or upcoming events. For example, list information that is useful and has a purpose so it won’t be as likely to be thrown out. That way the receiver can keep that piece of information and store it somewhere useful or pin it up on a refrigerator or cork board. Your branding alongside that valuable information will be seen daily.

Does your agency still use snail mail for marketing? Try out some of these tips and let us know in the comments which methods of direct mailing work best for you!

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  1. Gary Paulson

    We are looking at doing more with ‘snail mail’ for our agency. People get so much junk in their email inbox that they have a hard time seeing what you send and it is even worse if Google puts you in one of the ‘other’ folders.

    Also people are not getting as much mail as before, so a physical piece of mail really stands out.

    What do you think of post cards as a medium?


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