5 Sales Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

When it comes to making a sale there’s a lot that goes into the art. It can easily become a game requiring a multitude of skills to get a prospect to sign up with your agency. These skills can be anything from how you dress, research done on the client, attitude, how you talk and even nonverbal cues. There are a lot of factors that go into making a sale that can’t be covered in one blog. Today we are just going over 5 sales tips that are important for independent insurance agents.

  1. Tone of Voice

    Attention to the little things can really impact your customer service skills. Tone of voice plays a huge part in how a client views a salesperson. Your tone creates a connection to the customer that allows you to be relatable to whatever their cause of calling may be. Tone of voice can also be used to show enthusiasm and excitement to your potential client. Record yourself on your next phone call. How do you sound? Make little changes to your voice to come off as confident and smart. As routine sets in with the job over years, little things like this can easily fall under the radar. Tone of voice is a very important skill to keep up.
  2. Using Language Everyone Understands

    This is a great tip for anyone who may be new or very experienced in the field. After working many years in insurance it may be easy to forget that the person you’re speaking may be new to some of those terms. Whenever using insurance lingo be sure to explain what a word means the first time you use it. As for newer insurance agents, they may be feel the need to use more terminology to come off as more experienced. That’s not always the case. Using language that not everyone understands can create a communication barrier with the client.
  3. Personality

    Let your client get to know you. No one wants to buy insurance from a strange or someone who is boring. Talk to your prospects in a way where they can get to know you and begin to trust you as a person. You can do this by sharing personal details about yourself while you work with the person and answer their questions.
  4. Get to Know Your Client

    Getting to know your client gives them a reason to trust the things you have to say about insurance. It’s easy to get lost in policies and become over focused on how you come off to a client. Stick to the root of the scenario, the client. Make sure you understand their needs and where they are coming from. Knowing more about you client will show to them that you care about them more than just making a sale.
  5. Dress Professionally

    You may be working from home or in an office and never see a client. However, how you dress can have an impact on your mood and self-esteem. Before going into a big call take a moment to gussy yourself up and make yourself feel good. Even if you’re at the bottom of the totem pole at work, dressing up to be the sharpest looking person in the room will lead people to take you more seriously.

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