5 Self-Storage Tips to Utilize During the Hot Summer Months

5 Warm Weather Tips for Self-Storage

Every year, approximately 40 million people in the U.S. relocate, with more than 50 percent moving during the summer months. Those contemplating a big move while the days are longer and the kids are out of school may have a need to put some of their personal property in storage. Here are five “good-to-know” tips for utilizing a self-storage unit in warm weather during the hot summer months.

  1. Protect items that are susceptible to harm in extreme heat. Items such as photographs, artwork, leather furniture, and many others are more vulnerable to damage when the weather is hot and humid. Consider renting a climate-controlled unit or storing these and other types of heat-sensitive property with friends or family.


  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. Because the summertime is peak storage season, it may not be easy to find a storage unit. Waiting too long could result in settling for a unit in a less desirable location as well as paying higher prices during the high-demand summer season.


  1. Take inventory. Storage units that aren’t climate controlled can get very hot. Establish an inventory of the stored items with notes about where in the unit things are located. This can make it easier and quicker to find what you’re looking for inside the unit. Another tip is to keep frequently accessed items in well-marked boxes stacked around the perimeter of the unit for quick and easy retrieval and removal.


  1. Pay for the unit in advance. Moves are often stressful, making it easy to let certain things fall by the wayside. You may find it more convenient to pre-pay for a unit to avoid a lapse in the lease and eliminate one task from your to-do list. As a bonus, the self-storage facility may offer a discount for pre-payment.


  1. Protect collectibles and high-value items with specialty insurance. Even under the best circumstances and with careful planning, damage to personal property can occur. When storing high-value items or collectibles, consider purchasing a stand-alone specialty collectibles insurance policy. For example, MiniCo Collectibles Insurance covers hundreds of categories of collections from fine art to sports memorabilia with no deductible.

When it comes to relocating, there are many situations when having a self-storage unit can be a big help. Following these warm-weather storage tips can help improve safety, reduce stress, and better protect your stored property when the mercury climbs.


15 Replies to “5 Self-Storage Tips to Utilize During the Hot Summer Months”

  1. Millie Hue

    I like that you pointed out that we should pay in advance to save us from having a responsibility in its payment. I will share this tip with a friend of mine since she usually forgets the things that she needs to pay. One time, she was penalized for her debt with her credit card. This will help her when she has rented a storage unit to keep her other pieces of furniture.

  2. Storage Plus

    Thanks for tackling this topic! Very helpful tips indeed! Most articles that you can find online today about self storage units discusses the advantages and disadvantages of availing one and how to choose the right one, and not too often you can find articles discussing what are items you should store in there. I agree, when it comes to high-value items, it is best to get a climate-controlled unit, and always make sure to check the insurance options. Great pointers!

  3. Derek Dewitt

    I might store some items when I move houses this spring so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about marking boxes that you might need to access frequently. I’ll keep this in mind so it’s easier to move things in and out of storage.

  4. Michael Lee

    My wife and I are thinking about using 24-hour self-storage for a while. We are getting ready to move across town and there is a gap between moving out and moving in. It is a good idea to not wait until the last second to get the unit, we’ll go for one early.

  5. Steele Honda

    Thanks for pointing out that when you are considering putting clothes into a self-storage unit it’s a good idea to pre-pay for a unit to avoid a lapse in the lease. My husband and I are thinking about getting a storage unit while we’re in the process of moving because I have way too many clothes and it’s a little overwhelming to try and move them all at once. I think pre-paying for a unit would make it less stressful when it came time to move because it would be one less thing to worry about.

  6. Eli Richardson

    I truly agree that paying in advance will diminish the stress of adding an extra payment. I will share this with my cousin before she decides to move. Thanks for sharing such helpful tips on self-storage

  7. Ashley Johnson

    I liked that you said that one thing to consider when looking to rent a storage unit for your belongings is a controlled temperature. I would imagien that you are correct in saying that extreme heat can damage your items. I would be sure to rent a self-storage unit that has controlled temperature sot hat I wouldn’t have to worry about damage.

  8. Carly Mckeen

    Thank you for stating that you shouldn’t wait until the last minute when getting a storage unit, because it may not be easy to find one. My husband and I recently just moved into a super small apartment and don’t have enough room for all of our stuff, so we’ve been considering getting a storage unit. I will definitely utilize all of your great tips and information if we do end up getting a storage unit.

  9. Callum Palmer

    I’ve got some things that I need to store. As you said, I shouldn’t wait until the last minute. That way, I can for sure find a unit for the items I have.

  10. Skylar Williams

    I agree that it is important to not wait until the last minute when it comes to renting a storage unit. I have some guitars that I want to sell but I don’t have the space for them in my home, so I need a climate-controlled storage unit. I’ll be sure to not wait until the last minute before I rent one.

  11. Ellie Davis

    It’s interesting to know that climate-controlled self-storage units will help you to protect items like photographs or artwork. My husband and I are moving to another place, and we need to travel before moving our belongings. I will let him know about the benefits of renting a climate-controlled unit to protect our belongings while we travel.

  12. Sabrina Addams

    You made a great point about how fragile, valuable items like photographs and artwork can be damaged if stored improperly during the summer months. If I were to need to store my valuables over the summer or long-term, it seems like it would be smart to find a storage facility. It seems like it would be a much safer option for the items than many other options.

  13. Oscar Morrison

    It’s helpful to remember the unit will get hot during the summer. We’re thinking of remodeling and moving our stuff into storage until we’re done. We’ll have to just put in the things that can fit safely.

  14. Tori Raddison

    It’s smart to think about getting a climate-controlled unit to keep your things safe. I’m temporarily moving into an apartment and I need a place to put my extra furniture. My husband collects art so he’ll definitely want them to be protected.


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