5 Steps to Getting Your Insurance Agency Online

If you still don’t have an online presence, you are not alone. 55% of small businesses didn’t have a website in 2015 (GoDaddy). The good news is that there are more ways than ever to build your Internet presence. To keep it simple, here is a five step plan to getting your business on the web:

1: Build Your Website

It all starts with your agency’s website. You site is still the hub of your digital marketing efforts. It’s the one place online that is dedicated solely to your business! Avoid these common website mistakes.

2: Get On Social Media

Social media is like online networking. It’s a great way to get more leads and to stay in front of your existing customers. While Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin each have their own advantages, there is usually good reason to be on all three. See how social media can help you to get more referrals.

3: Build Your Online Reputation & Reviews

By securing more positive online reviews, you can actually increase your search engine ranking while you build trust with potential customers. It’s important to be proactive looking for reviews. Insurance agencies that have a review-generation plan tend to have much more success than those who leave it up to chance. Read tips for getting more reviews online.

4: Try Pay-Per-Click

Paid advertising on sites like Google is called Pay-Per-Click, and it can have a strong ROI for agencies. By allowing you to connect with consumers who are actively that seeking your services, you can have great results.It can take some trial and error to fine-tune your results, but you can start with a modest budget. Learn more about paid Google advertising.

5: Develop Online Video

It may be take a little more effort, but by creating video for your agency you can make an impact that few other media offer. Studies have found that adding video to your marketing mix can be dramatic. Creating a YouTube channel for your business can help you to educate your customers and also reach new prospects. Read tips on video marketing best practices.

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