5 Strategies to Getting More Leads │ MiniCo Insurance Agency

Gaining new leads typically happens through the use of multiple methods. Just like with marketing, there isn’t a one perfect solution that works for everyone. Your business is unique, so the method that works great for your target audience may vary for other insurance agencies. Try out these 5 strategies and let us know which ones work best for you.

Create Share-Worthy Content

You want people to be talking about your agency. This means you need to provide information and facts that will keep people talking about you. This doesn’t mean you have to go viral, but having a user click “share” on your content does a lot more for your engagement and reach than receiving a like.

  • Create videos
  • Use engaging graphics
  • Include links to your website

Time-Sensitive Offers

You’re going to want your users to see your content and react immediately. Having a call-to-action in your post increases the likeliness that someone will take an action. Examples include “click here,” “get a quote now,” and “follow to learn more!” Take this a step further by adding an expiration date to your offer, such as “click here for this limited-time offer.” This will guarantee that the people clicking are engaged and don’t want to miss out.

Client Feedback

Send out emails to your current clients asking for feedback and reviews. Make it simple and link them straight to Yelp, Facebook, or Google to leave comments about their experiences doing business with you. This way prospects will see what others are saying about your insurance agency. This is a great way to get people talking about your agency and to be seen by a larger audience.

Happy Employees

Employees and team members who are rewarded well and happy to be at work perform better than any other type. If your employees are happy, they will work hard to make sure that your clients are happy, too. Create a reward system for hard-working employees so they also feel invested in helping you get those leads.

Online and Offline Marketing

Your branding has a big influence on how current clients and future prospects view your insurance agency. Your branding needs to be cohesive and streamlined through offline and online methods. If you’re unable to market in person though networking gatherings or conferences, try physical mailers, email campaigns, and increased branding throughout the office. Now more than ever, insurance agencies must rely on strong online marketing efforts primarily through their websites and social media accounts.

Incorporate these 5 strategies into your everyday workweek and watch the leads start to roll in. Let us know in the comments which methods you find most successful for your agency.

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