5 Tips For Hiring New Insurance Agents

The success of many insurance agencies comes down to their agents. Great ones are able to make sales, attract new business, and maintain client satisfaction. But to find the best agents, firms must know what to look for and how to hire. Here are 5 tips to help you to find your next agent:

1. Determine The Agency’s Needs

Hiring the right agents requires determining exactly what the agency needs. More than just identifying how many employees are needed, firms need to determine specific qualifications and characteristics that are necessary in its employees. By determining the specific needs of the insurance agency, the hiring team will be able to find the best candidates for the job.

2. Define The Culture

The culture of the organization sets the tone for how business is done and how employees interact. Identify the existing personalities and relationships in the firm and determine what is needed in new agents to complement the existing culture.

3. Attract The Best Candidates

Attracting the best candidates is another important component of hiring great agents. To do so, firms must consider how their businesses can attract quality candidates. Rebranding the business, creating new marketing strategies, and offering additional benefits are effective ways to attract candidates. Likewise, seeking referrals is another way to find good candidates.

4. Streamline The Hiring Process

Having an effective hiring process is another important component that attracts the best agents. Firms must keep this in mind and create a process that is straightforward and effective. This strategy includes having a system for evaluating potential employees as well as interviewing, offering the position, and beginning the initial training process.

5. Invest In Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is the process by which new hires become adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and smoothly and learn the skills and behaviors required to function effectively within the organization. A firm’s onboarding program is one of the fastest ways to gain (or lose) quality employees. Firms must invest in employee onboarding in terms of training and acclimating new hires to successfully retain the best agents.


2 Replies to “5 Tips For Hiring New Insurance Agents”

  1. Elsa Anderson

    It’s interesting to learn that insurance agencies look for agents almost the same way as any other business does as they try to attract as much quality candidates they can to get great agents as you have mentioned. That is something I am quite astonished to learn as I thought that insurance agencies need special stuff to do before they can get their agents as I’ve never seen them hiring so far. I’ll try researching more on this and I might even get to see which insurance agency are the best. Thanks!

  2. Ashley Maxwell

    I appreciate your tip to look for insurance agents that can best help the agency with what it is struggling with. I also like how you said that they should work and communicate well with everyone. If a business was looking into an insurance agency, I would assume that they would remember this post.


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