5 Tips for Improving Your Insurance Agency’s Social Media Content

Social media continues to be the number one marketing method for driving traffic to your agency’s website and making direct sales. Unfortunately, finding time for social media marketing can be a challenge. Today, it’s important to deliver quality content that resonates with prospects and existing clients. In other words, make the content that you post on your social media platforms worth your time and effort.

So how do you make every social media communication count? Consider these five social media best practices when developing and/or posting new content:

  1. Tie content directly to the products and services you sell.

    What does your agency specialize in? Commercial insurance, personal lines, life insurance? Select content based on your particular niche.

  2. Make sure the content is educational.

    Will your target audience find the content informational and helpful? For example, if your agency serves general contractors, posts regarding changes in rates, coverages, CCB news, and industry happenings can be helpful.

  3. Engage your audience.

    Start a dialogue with your audience by asking for comments, answering questions, and responding to feedback. By opening up your social media platforms for two-way communication, you’re demonstrating your level of expertise on the subject – a surefire way to solidify your social media relationships.

  4. Be a thought leader.

    Thought leadership content is all about helpful, informational posts that don’t directly ask your audience for anything. This type of post establishes you and your insurance agency as an industry leader.

  5. Boost your credibility.

    Share with your audience agency news such as press releases, media bits, and appearances at industry and local community events.

  6. Be timely.

    Whether it’s a third-party article or original content, make sure what you’re posting is current. This doesn’t always mean having to curate new and original content. Instead, find ways to integrate current events with your agency’s products and services.

Don’t make your social platforms all about selling and posting random content. By distributing meaningful content and engaging with your followers, you will help build your relationships, brand reputation, community presence, and book of business.

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