5 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

As the largest B2B social network in the world, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for driving insurance sales. Like any sales tool, it works best with constant fine-tuning. Successful LinkedIn strategies require a careful balance of self-promotion and contribution, but pay off through increased exposure for you and your agency. Here are five quick tips to help insurance firms get the most out of LinkedIn:

Make Your Profile SEO-Friendly

For insurance sales, your LinkedIn profile should look to incorporate the same keywords and strategies being used on your website. It should use a your most important keywords, but within reason. It still needs to look natural to people reading your page.

Optimize Your Professional Title

Don’t leave your professional title at the default; it’s your signature space to pitch yourself in 120 characters. Look to quickly convey three things: Your current position or status, your qualifications, and a concrete description of what you bring to the table.

Include Media Samples

LinkedIn allows you to include links to media samples on your profile, and there’s no reason to leave the same ones up. This is an opportunity to tie your LinkedIn profile to other social media endeavors by keeping your media samples up-to-date with pictures, slideshows, video, or other content you’re sharing.

Endorsements Add To Your Visibility

Endorsements may not directly contribute to the ranking level of your LinkedIn promotions, but they do help you to get noticed. Also, giving good endorsements makes new connections more quickly. Your profile then also allows people to see your personal network at a glance.

Keep Contributing

For LinkedIn to really pay off for your insurance business (or any other social media marketing), ongoing contributions and interactions are required. Most of the time your profile will be seen by people who are viewing your site based on your contributions. Look for relevant circles to join, and be a strong member of the online community.

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