5 Ways to Generate Quality Insurance Leads Without Having to Buy Them

5 Ways to Generate Quality Insurance Leads Without Having to Buy Them

Are you still paying for costly lead-generation marketing lists? Did you know that you can generate quality leads on your own without having to shell out hundreds of dollars? The truth is there are many opportunities and advantages for generating leads on your own versus buying a list. Sure, this method requires more time and effort, but because these leads are of better quality, working them is time well spent.

Here are five methods for generating quality insurance leads:

  1. Get comfortable asking for referrals.

    There is a saying that sales people should prospect where their feet are. When you have a client in front of you or on the phone, ask them if they have friends, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues who might benefit from your services. Even if they don’t have a name for you at that moment, simply asking the question plants a seed. When someone they know needs insurance, you’ll most likely be top of mind.


  1. Get your network game on.

    Local business groups, speaking engagements, community events, and other networking opportunities can be great resources for finding quality leads. Results may not happen instantly, but by making regular appearances, you’ll get to know others and grow your network over time.


  1. Power up and join a leads group.

    There are a variety of lead-exchange groups that allow you to form a powerful network with other business professionals in a number of different industries. Because there is typically only one member of any industry/profession permitted, you won’t be competing with other insurance agents in your particular specialty. A quick online search can help you locate groups in your area.


  1. Strike up a partnership.

    Based on your specialty, look for other businesses to partner with who could benefit from your products and services and vice versa. For example, if your agency focuses on property and casualty insurance, consider partnering with a local mortgage broker who may have clients looking for homeowners insurance. Other partnerships can include a local body shop or garage, a rental car agency, restoration companies, etc.


  1. Round out your accounts.

    Most agencies sell multiple lines of insurance – from life insurance to annuities to commercial autos and umbrella policies. Identify clients in your book who have only one or two lines of coverage. Determine what’s missing and how they can benefit by adding more coverage. For example, run a list of homeowners who don’t have an umbrella policy or life insurance. Set up an insurance review and educate them on the value of specific coverages. Don’t forget to ask about coverage for high-valued personal property or collectibles. If you can’t get them to come in, send more information by mail and be sure to follow up.

While there isn’t a single best source for generating leads, you may find a wealth of quality prospects simply by looking within your current book and reaching out to your network in creative ways.

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