6 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes for Insurance

When it comes to gaining new customers and growing an insurance business, everyone points to social media – especially Facebook. While Facebook truly is a great way to advertise, attract potential customers, and grow a name for your company, you can’t get very far if you don’t have any followers. Honestly, it doesn’t do much for an insurance agency if your Facebook page shows six likes with half of them being your immediate family! So, how do you get those all-important likes? We’ve put together a simple list of ways to succeed on Facebook.

1. Remember It’s All About Your Followers

To generate likes, you have to offer some sort of incentive. Unless someone is your best friend or grandma, they aren’t going to just like your insurance page so that you can become more popular. To get people to like your page, you have to offer them something that they won’t get otherwise. To promote likes, look for ways to offer consistent, fresh, and useful posts on your page. Look out for the needs of others and then work to meet them through your insurance page.

2. Don’t Toss Your Page Together

Facebook makes it quick and easy to put together a high-quality page. This isn’t an excuse to toss together something and present the public with a page that could have been designed by your eight-year-old. Take the time to fill out all the information about your insurance agency, put up an appropriate cover photo, and choose a good profile picture. Remember that your picture is the first thing that people see when they look for your page – don’t delay putting up a photo.

3. Band Together With Other Local Businesses

Across your community, other businesses are also struggling to succeed. Almost every business from a doctor’s office to the lady who sells hand-knitted dishcloths has a Facebook page. While this might seem like it won’t affect you at all, you can actually use it to your advantage. You can like these pages and add positive comments to their posts; this will put your page in the spotlight and potentially gain you some followers.

4. Post Your Facebook Link…Everywhere

You can promote your Facebook page by adding a “like box” to your website, passing out business cards that ask people to like your page along with the address, implementing QR codes that lead people to your page, and adding the link to any of your other online profiles such as LinkedIn.

5. Be Community Based

You most likely aren’t going to gain a bunch of clients from New York City if you are a small agency located in Ohio. While it’s great to have big goals, spend your time reaching out to your community. Attend events, take pictures, and then post them on your Facebook page. If you can, tag the appropriate people in each photo. This might even earn you some extra exposure if people choose to share the photo with their friends.

6. Prizes and Incentives

Don’t think of it as bribing. Instead, just call it giving Facebook users a friendly nudge toward your page. Feel free to offer prizes for those who like your page or a special discount on their insurance for a month.

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