7 Reasons Why It’s Great to Work in the Insurance Industry

There are many reasons insurance is one of the best industries to be working in at the moment.

1. Providing a Valuable Service

All forms of insurance provide a valuable service. You are there to in some way safeguard something in in your clients’ present or future. Being able to actually provide a service can bring a high level of job satisfaction and is not something you’ll find in every job or industry.

2. Job Stability

Insurance has been around for a few hundred years, and it is not a dying industry. You are likely to have job stability and security for some time.

3. Good Pay

There is a wide range of salaries in the insurance industry, but the median pay according to Payscale is $37,379.  

4. Career Development

Right now there are a lot of opportunities for growth and promotion in insurance due to a large population of the industry workforce hitting the retirement age.

5. Work-Life Balance

We’ve already written about work-life balance being one of the main reasons a lot of millennials are looking to move into the insurance industry. There are a lot of chances to set your own schedule and even be your own boss, especially if you are an independent agent.

6. Travel

Working as an insurance agent may not be your ticket for traveling outside the country for anything more than a vacation. However, there are many chances for you to leave the four walls of your office and get out and about. You will have ample opportunity to meet clients or even go to conventions and conferences in different cities.

7. Innovation

Insurance is at a point of innovation where we will soon be seeing changes that will develop throughout the next decade. There are all sorts of insurance tech happenings to be excited about.

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