7 Reasons You Should Include Visual Content in Your Insurance Marketing

Have you considered the “five second rule” when building your online insurance agent marketing strategies?

The “five second rule” refers to the amount of time visitors spend on your website to find information before leaving – five seconds.  Some visitors have more patience, but if someone visiting your website feels that it isn’t giving them the information they need, they could leave five seconds later.

This makes online marketing especially challenging for insurance ventures because insurance matters rarely lend themselves to fast and easy discussion.  This is one reason we see so many of the big-name insurance companies are competing to make joke ads on television.

7 Reasons You Should Include Visual Content in Your Insurance Marketing

However, there’s no need for your insurance agent marketing to be content-free.   Attractive visual content brings you the best of both worlds.  You can present enough data for visitors to begin to make informed decisions, in a format immediate enough that it can be seen and understood in a matter of seconds.

Here are seven applications for visual content that we’ve found particularly useful for insurance agencies doing their own online marketing.

Seven Ways Visuals Build Your Insurance Agent Marketing Online

·         Grab Attention Quickly: When a visitor visits a new webpage, they can get bored and click away in less than five seconds. Visuals jump out from the text, giving you an opportunity to direct their eye straight to the message you want them to see first upon landing on a page.

·         Build Engagement: People today tend to connect emotionally to visuals more than simple text, especially if you’re talking about multimedia presentations where video, animation, and\or sound may be involved. Online marketing thrives on engagement – virtually anything that keeps a visitor looking at and clicking on your website is good.

·         Increase Lead Generation: Visuals virtually always add dramatically to the number of conversions a landing page will generate – up to 80%, according to some studies. This will happen virtually overnight as well. If you’re not sure about adding graphics, trying adding a couple to your landing pages and see what happens over the next couple weeks.

·         Be Informative And Concise: One of the key rules of Internet marketing right now is “Get to the point.” Don’t waste time on fluff. Visuals allow you to transmit a lot of information, and multiple messages, in a matter of moments. The details are for the copy; your visual content creates the big overview.

·         Impress Through Design: According to HubSpot, 40% of online consumers say that the visual design of a site influences their purchase decision. And those are just the ones who are aware of it and admit it. ubuntu server . A nicer website design will virtually always pay off in terms of retaining visitors.

·         Get Free Social Media Buzz: Another nice aspect to visual content, especially infographics, is that they’re easily shared throughout social media. Any content you create that people share out will just lead to more people visiting your site. If you’re the one who produces the best graphic of new data, it can turn into a huge exposure opportunity.

·         Brand More: If it’s visual, you can put your brand on it. Unobtrusive (or clever) branding is more important today than ever to stand out and be remembered in Internet marketing. That hypothetical infographic above would have carried your logo, and be seen by plenty of people across your industry, even those who’d never heard of you.

So, in your insurance agent marketing strategies, don’t neglect graphics in your online content. You need visual content to grab people’s attention, keep it, and then inspire them to do something with it.

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