8 Ways To Improve Your Insurance Agency

Hire The Next Generation

By hiring Millennials, agencies can help to modernize their operations. Since “Generation Y” was born with technology, they can be an in-house source of tech savvy.  

Keep Sales Improving

While natural salespeople are born that way, many of us can learn to be much better at sales. Even by improving your agency’s sales by only a few percent, you can see a significant increase in revenue.

Maximize Customer Relations Tools

Especially if your agency is marketing heavily, you likely realize the value of keeping close track of your leads. By using the latest Customer Relations Management (CRM) tools, you can help make sure that you close your leads, and also take care of your existing customers.   

Gain Insights From Your Data

Large enterprises are using “big data” more than ever to understand their businesses and make decisions. Just like the larger companies, independent agencies can glean valuable insights from their data.   

Focus Locally

Independent agencies have a huge advantage in that they are truly local. While captive agents may have more support and marketing assistance, local agents can utilize their authentic connection to the community as an advantage.

Connect With Small Business

Independent agencies are small businesses. You speak the language of the local business, so you can naturally help local small businesses with their commercial risk.

Offer Niche Products

Offering the core products that consumers and businesses need is essential, but by going beyond the basics, you can diversify your offerings and set your agency apart.

Keep Your Website Current

Your website is your online storefront, so it’s important to keep it up to date. Update your site with your latest news, and as the Internet becomes increasingly mobile-driven, make sure your website looks good on a variety of devices.  


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