Agencies Getting Involved In Local and National Charities

MiniCo - CharitiesDo you contribute to a local or national charity? Have you thought about the difference you could make by supporting a non-profit organization? Most large corporations are actively involved in at least one charity throughout the year. This is also a great opportunity for small businesses to get involved. Is there a charity that comes to mind when you think about non-profit organizations? Why does that one topic come to mind? When choosing the right charity for your business to be involved in, be sure that there is a sincere reason behind the involvement. Businesses are more likely to get involved and stay involved if it is something they are more passionate about. This will also inspire your agents to get involved too.

What Will You Gain By Supporting A Charity?

  1. The opportunity to give back to your community or make a difference.
  2. Goodwill and community support. People are more willing to support a business they feel is supporting their community.
  3. The opportunity to support a cause you believe in. Do some research and find the one you are most interested in and stick with it!
  4. Improved company morale by bringing your clients and employees together to support a cause that is separate from the office.
  5. An excellent way to reach out and connect with your community on a different level.

Talk with other agents and see what they are doing to support their community by giving back. When looking to choose a charity that is right for your business, do research on the organization, this way you know your contribution is being used correctly.


Lhea Inzalaco

MiniCo Insurance Agency

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