Having Your Agency Seen on LinkedIn

If your agency’s social media audience demographic includes a large percentage of business professionals, then you need to make sure you are utilizing LinkedIn as a network to build social trust. There are two ways you may already be using LinkedIn as an agent or agency. You may be posting on your personal and network pages, or you may be posting from your agency’s page. There are benefits to doing both of these and building out both networks, especially if you ever plan on changing agencies.

The LinkedIn feed is not displayed in the most recent order by default; it is instead showing what the platform considers “top” content. This is why occasionally you’ll see postings from a few days ago appear first in your feed. To move your content into this spot, you’ll want to create content that engages views (time spent looking at the post), prompts click-throughs, or builds likes. This goes without saying, but you also want to avoid getting flagged.

  • Make sure you are not over-posting
  • Post valuable content pertaining your career
  • Offer up tips and career advice
  • Share inspiration during the work week

If you are posting on your personal LinkedIn account, remember that not all your content has to be created by you. You can share content from reliable sources as long as you make sure that you thoroughly read the material before sharing it. The agency’s page should be used for more things about your agency such as news highlights, events, or even related industries.

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