Being Authentic on Social Media

Authenticity within an agency’s branding on social media will create a space where your clients are comfortable contacting you to receive service. It is a way to look approachable in the digital world. You also get the chance to really personify your agency by giving your brand a unique personality.

If you haven’t taken the time to deep dive and explore your brand, you can read up on our tips for doing just that. 

Capitalize on what makes you unique, you will want to showcase it to stand out from your competition.

Remember that Authenticity = Trust

The more genuine you are on these platforms the more validity you will build within your audience. As you’re developing this relationship, look closely into your audience and learn about what they like. You can do this effectively through your Facebook insight.

When you post things that are off-brand, you might not appeal to your primary audience. For instance, if your audience is older, posting memes and humor posts might not perform as well with them as it would with a younger generation.

Taking the time to learn about your audience will save you from sharing any off-putting posts. Also, be wary of personal accounts that the public can see. This includes the social media accounts of your employees if they are associating themselves with your brand on their social media channels. While having individual accounts for different members of your agency can add to your authenticity, there is still a need for each person to act the part and maintain the brand image on their personal pages.

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