Be a better insurance agent: 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Insurance_SalesThe new year is here, and that means two things in the insurance sales business: New Years resolutions and office parties. We can’t help you with the party, but we can certainly offer up five suggestions for sales-driving insurance resolutions!

Five Resolutions That Will Boost Insurance Sales In 2014

1. I will listen to my clients more.
The fast-talking style of sales really doesn’t work well anymore. Customers today want to believe they’re being listened to, and they want assurance that they’re getting solutions custom-tailored to their problems. The truth is, the longer you let a lead talk, the more things they’re likely to mention that you can insure.

2. I will keep a weather eye to politics.
No one can really afford to ignore politics these days, especially with so much economic uncertainty swirling around Congress. No matter what sort of policies you sell, from life insurance to farm underwriting, there’s likely a crisis going on in DC that’s making your leads nervous. That’s where you come in!

3. l will do more to keep clients engaged.
You shouldn’t just be “that guy” your clients send a check to every month for a service they hope to never use. In a referral-based business like insurance sales, you should always be reminding your clients that you’re around with emails, contests, promotions, or anything else to keep them interested.

4. I will increase my outreach in social media.
These days, networking means social media, and it’s practically a requirement to boost your own online exposure. Look to connect with influential people in your field with a lot of followers, and remember to contribute useful and interesting comments to discussion. Social media marketing is about proving your expertise to a larger audience.

5. I will become more mobile-friendly.
With smartphones and tablets taking over people’s pockets, having robust mobile support for your services is a major selling point. Consider having an app made, or at least redesign your site using “responsive” web design principles that give it a consistent feel across different-sized devices.

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