How to Become a Better Insurance Agent

Are you doing all that you can to be the best insurance agent for your clients? In any industry, great customer service will be rewarded with customer retention and referrals. Referrals are one of the best types of marketing The best part? Referrals are free! Here are tips to help take you beyond the norm and become an excellent insurance agent.


Not every call you receive will have a happy person on the other side. Remember, you are the expert on insurance policies, not your clients. Unhappy callers may be frustrated because they don’t understand an insurance policy or its terms. It is important to provide them with information about coverages and patiently listen to their questions to make sure your clients feel that they are being listened to and their concerns are being addressed.

Clear Communication

Getting to know your clients is a good way to build a trusting relationship. However, don’t forget about the clients’ insurance needs. Learning about your clients beyond strictly business topics can help you identify other possible exposures and recommend appropriate policies. Keep your focus on understanding your client’s needs and wants.


Keep your clients up to date by reaching out to them regularly. Don’t let too much time go by between communications with your clients. This means more than just keeping them on an email list. Make sure you give them a personal call and leave a voicemail if necessary. Personal communication is a great way to show that you are attentive to their insurance needs. For most clients, getting a personal phone call demonstrates your care and concern far more than a check-in from an automated mailing list.

Product Knowledge

Your in-depth knowledge of insurance products is an important skill to keep sharp. Make sure you are able to translate insurance language for your clients so they understand their current policies as well as new opportunities that may become available.

Positive Language

How you speak can have a huge impact on your relationships with clients and future prospects. A positive tone of voice and thoughtful word choices will reflect a positive outlook on yourself and your insurance agency.

Providing excellent customer service can involve many different skills and actions. It can sometimes seem like a juggling act of communication skills and product knowledge. Be determined and consider these suggestions and you will see yourself improve and grow as an insurance agent. Your excellent customer service skills will have a positive impact on your clients and their willingness to refer you to their friends and family.

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