The Best Way to Preserve Your Collectible Comic Books

 The Best Way to Preserve Your Collectible Comic Books

How much do you love your comic books? Are they protected if something were to happen to them? Here are 3 ways that you can safely store your comic books so they stay in the best shape possible and maintain their value.

Home Storage

  • Bags
  • Boxes

If you’re an avid collector or reader, your stash of comics is growing every week. You need to be taking care of these valuable items. Air and light are responsible for the most common damage. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to protect against these aging elements. Look for clear plastic bags specially sized for your collection, which will help keep air and light out. There’s no need for heavy-duty plastic unless that’s your preference. It’s also a good idea to have a piece of acid-free cardboard behind each bagged comic for support.

For people with slightly larger collections, it’s time to start using boxes. You can label the boxes to help keep your collection more organized. But what do you do when there are too many boxes around? Consider renting a storage unit for your comics and other collectibles!

Storage Unit

  • Over stacking
  • Storing off the floor

Renting a storage unit gives you more space to store more than just your comics. However, don’t get carried away with stacking too many boxes on top of one another. Comics can easily be damaged if they are stacked more than 4 or 5 boxes high. The boxes on the bottom of the stack have to carry the weight and can become warped or crushed over time. Also, keep in mind to avoid storing your collection directly on the floor to avoid moisture damage. It is always a wise choice to store your comic boxes on top of a crate, a pallet, or a wooden table.

If your comics are on the ground and the storage unit floods, they are going to be ruined. Storage units are not responsible for insuring the contents of a rented unit, but many facilities offer affordable insurance designed specifically to protect your stored goods

Collectibles Insurance

  • Self-storage
  • Collectibles

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