Boost New Leads by Getting More Referrals

Boosting New Leads with Referrals

Getting new leads from current clients doesn’t just happen. It’s a long road that involves a lot of care and nurturing. Stories about bad experiences spread quickly, but it takes extra hard work to get clients to spread the word about their good experiences. You have to earn a relationship and build trust with each of your clients. And while it may be hard work, your efforts will pay off in the end.

Friends and Family

The people closest to you will always be the ones who will give you the strongest recommendations. But don’t assume that your family is going to recommend you just because of that relationship. Your family may know you are an insurance agent, but have you worked with them? If they have real-world experience of being your client, it will really improve the likeliness of their sharing positive experiences with friends and coworkers.

Use Your Email

Organize your email list. Who are your recent clients and who are the ones you have had the longest? The types of emails you send out will depend on the type of client to whom you are communicating. Everyone should receive a few emails thanking them for choosing you and your agency. Newer clients should receive follow-up emails asking how they are doing and if your agency is meeting all of their needs. Also, it’s a good idea to educate newer clients, especially around renewal time. Show them that you care and are available as a resource to help protect their investment.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

There’s nothing wrong with asking clients for referrals, and there are different ways to go about it. You are probably already communicating with clients via email, your website, and in person, and those are good places to start. Include a message in your emails and on your website asking clients to send referrals your way. When you see a client in person, give them a small gift or goodie bag to thank them for their business and asking them to refer their friends and coworkers to your agency. Last but not least, don’t forget snail mail. Try sending clients a few referral cards through the mail.

Automate and Educate

Set up emails to go out after a specific number of weeks or months after working with a client. Continue to educate them about their policy and your other insurance products. The best part about these types of emails is that they can be easily automated, which helps demonstrate that  you are checking in on clients throughout the year and not thinking about them just around renewal time. Be sure to not automate any emails when you are asking for a referral.



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