Boosting Employee Engagement

If you are managing agents, you know one of the most important factors affecting how well they are performing is how engaged they are in their work. Keep an eye out and talk to your agents. Ask them how engrossed they feel at the workplace, and take their feedback into consideration in order to improve working conditions.

Prioritize Your Employees’ Happiness

The happiness of your employees truly does matter. Not only are happy workers more pleasant to be around, they are also more productive in their work. Enhancing your agents’ happiness while at work is not as tricky as one might think. In fact, you can start increasing their satisfaction by simply respecting them and always looking for their input and ideas on projects.

Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Agents

The relationships you have with your agents are very important. Regardless of every other aspect of a job, if an employee has a negative relationship with their boss they are more likely to quit. Try to have a positive experience with them each day. This can be as simple as saying good morning or occasionally taking them to lunch.

Depending on the length of their employment, it may be appropriate to offer coaching to them, or offer to send them to a training or networking event. Be sure to have a clear structure for evaluations and try not to have it remain a yearly ordeal. These are a few things that will provide opportunities for them to develop and help you to be seen as a positive figure in their career path.

Take Care of Their Health

It is important to be concerned about your employees’ health. By no means does this mean snooping into their private life. What it does mean, however, is encouraging agents to get up from their desks and walk around frequently, to spearhead the idea of walking meetings, to ask if they want to do a lunch picnic every few months, and, the next time you are bringing in food, opt to bring in a vegetable platter. Veggies probably won’t be as popular as donuts, but your effort to contribute to healthy life choices will be appreciated.

Making an attempt to try any of these will put you light years ahead of many managers, and your team will take notice. Done right, you should see an increase in engagement and overall work satisfaction.

Be sure to be up-front with your team about what you are doing by telling them you want to start bringing in healthy food or start having monthly check-ins with everyone. Continual feedback from your team members will only help improve what you set out to do.

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