Branding Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

As an independent insurance agent or broker, you’re essentially a small business. Branding a small business can seem challenging. Big brands spend huge budgets on research and marketing. How can a small business do it? The answer is in your unique ability to create a valuable and authentic customer experience. As a local business, you can serve your target audience very well. Unconstrained by corporate rules, local insurance agencies move quickly. You know your customer personally. These real world details create a cumulative advantage, becoming the backbone of your brand.

How can you leverage these assets to define and grow your brand? Here are some tips:

What is Your Brand?

It’s more than your logo. A brand is the total experience customers have with your business. This includes the visual elements, but it also includes the sum total of your customer interactions, what you share on social media, and in your marketing. Doing these well helps you to establish credibility, and to build a strong focus within your company.

Have Excellent Products

Word of mouth is one of the best lead generators for an insurance agency. Having the right products is crucial for getting people to talk about your business. The charm of a local insurance agency can only go so far without great products and services backing it up. So keep testing new offerings and services.

Choose The Right Name and Logo

Just like a major brand, it is important that you get this right especially in the beginning, as it is hard to change down the road. Your logo and name should be easy to recognize. They should have a tone that resonates with your target audience. This is what helps to create an affinity with your local brand.

Build Community

A trusted local brand is what you are aiming to be, and a big part of this is how strongly you are engaged with your community. The beauty of this is that it isn’t expensive. In fact, when compared to traditional advertising, it’s almost free. Social media and blogging allow you to connect with your community online. Offline, you can participate in local community events, like fundraisers and charity happenings. You can even host your own events.

MiniCo Offers Free Co-Branded Materials

MiniCo offers co-branded flyers to assist you in your prospecting efforts as well as a prospect list of self-storage businesses in your area. The flyer includes information about MiniCo’s self-storage insurance coverages and can be customized to include your agency’s logo, contact information, and a brief company description. Get them here.

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