Build a Successful Relationship with your Insurance Client

The most important aspect of your insurance agency is your clients. Without them, where would you be? A successful relationship with your clients starts from the first interaction and continues even after the client leaves years later. Here are few tips to help nurture that relationship through multiple stages.

From the Start

First impressions are everything but not the only thing. The first impression starts while the client is just a prospect. Being friendly, engaging, and helpful right away lets the prospect know you are eager to help them out.  Once a prospect turns into a client, it’s time to start building up your client’s trust in you. Build a personal relationship with them by getting to know them and communicating with them frequently.

Fun Tip: Consider creating a welcome kit for new clients. Send a folder with their policy information and free company swag right to their doorstep along with a business card letting them know you’re only a phone call away.

Communicate with Your Clients

Don’t always wait for your clients to contact you. Check in periodically and ask how they are doing. Sending an automated email every couple of months keeps you in the client’s mind. Personally reaching out to the client will help keep the client in your mind. If they’re not reaching out to you, how else will they know if their policy could use an update or if they could benefit from adding a new line of insurance?


You’re generally going to be dealing with your clients over the phone or the internet more often than in person. Your attitude and tone of voice play an important role in how they will remember their conversations with you. Your client will really appreciate it when you project a positive, upbeat tone of voice and are always responsive to their needs, especially during hard times.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will be on your way to creating deeper and more successful relationships with your clients. These strong relationships will enhance their trust in you and your agency and may result in referrals of new leads.

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