Building Your Audience and Keeping Your Ideas Flowing

When you are using social media or running online advertisements, it’s important to remember that you have the ability to build your audience and specifically target them with your messages. You are no longer forced to broadcast your advertisement to everyone. Social media now gives you the power to target your specific audience.

Within each of these specific groups, you can customize the kinds of messages they are receiving. For instance, a general ad targeting your local area may explain or showcase more of what you do, whereas you may a retargeting ad may include your logo and a “we miss you” type of message. Since the retargeted audience has already been to your website at least once within a specified number of days. They probably are more aware of what you do. The retargeting ad helps them to remember your company and reinforce your brand.

There is a lot to take in and a lot to keep up with, and somewhere along the way you may end up hitting a wall. When you are running low on ideas, remind yourself that it’s okay. Eventually it happens to everyone.

The first thing you need to do is take a quick break. Breathe, go for a short walk, feel the sunshine. If you’re unable to do these things, at least try to stretch a bit. When you’re ready, sit down to brainstorm. However, if your brainstorming session is coming up dry you’ll need to try a few more things.

Browse around outside your industry to see what others are doing and try to keep a running folder of ads or social posts that you’ve seen and really enjoyed. Pay attention to the copy. Are they getting a lot of engagement? What kind of imagery are they using? Next head to your own social accounts and start hopping in and out of your industry – again looking for things that really stand out. Even if you are not a visual-heavy channel, it can be useful to have accounts on Pinterest and Instagram since they can be great places to grab ideas or find a spark of inspiration. Soon you’ll be fully charged and ready to continue building your audience!

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