Build Character Into Your Insurance Agency

Most businesses follow similar tactics. They do their best to save money and time, all while maximizing the amount of work that gets accomplished. Sometimes the business ends up more focused on numbers and sales than on brand personality and customer service. How others view your agency is part of your agency’s brand identity. Here are a few ways to increase that identity and build character into your insurance agency.


Spending money on advertising to reach your target audience is a traditional method that has recently been declining in popularity. Some of the decline is due to the increase in social media ads and the lack of reach and interaction. Younger audiences (teens to early thirties) are less likely to interact with ads that are seen online. This demographic may not view these ads as genuine or reliable and may instead put their trust into seemingly more reputable content that is based on user reviews.

Advertisements are an integral part of building a brand and maintaining that identity, but it’s wise to keep the younger demographic’s perspective in mind. Be creative and build ads that showcase reviews, real experiences, and facts that your clients can trust.


The internet has made business transparency a hot topic. Business owners are no longer living in a time where they can keep secrets from the public. Thanks to the internet and social media, corporate slip-ups can become public knowledge in a matter of hours. This has caused some people to  mistrust businesses in general. For example, it is now widely known that Facebook sold sensitive information about users, and many of those users no longer use or trust the social media giant. Contrast that to the approach Capital One took when a major data breach was revealed. The banking company publically owned up to the incident and outlined how they were working to resolve the issue.

A reputation for openness and honesty is a valuable asset for your insurance agency, especially during difficult situations. It demonstrates a level of transparency that clients value in a company.


How an insurance agency communicates with clients says a lot about the operation’s character. Build a positive reputation and enhance customer relationships by being willing to discuss policies, claims, and insurance concepts so that every client can understand them. And, when it comes to social media, you don’t just have to talk business all the time. Use the platform to show your audience the side of your agency that is personable and fun.

It takes a lot to establish trust with your clients. Being communicative, honest, and transparent are all great ways to build your insurance agency into a business on which your clients rely for the long haul.

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